Become an ACCREDITED NLP Practitioner 

If you want exceptional results, you have to do something exceptional... Let me take you on a transformational journey of fabulous learning, creation of long-lasting change and amazing personal development.


Are You Ready For?

  • Powerful techniques to stop you repeating the negative behaviours, patterns and emotions you’ve run in the past and start getting exactly what you want?

  • Super boosting confidence and self-belief to be who you really are and ask for what you want in life?

  • Releasing the past, letting go of limiting beliefs (such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy”, “I’ll never earn that sort of money”, etc) and enjoy looking forward to the future instead

  • Access to the most powerful, practical, life-long tools that you can use everyday to being the best YOU in your home, family, work, relationships and basically every area of your life!

  • Personal growth experience that will see you step out of the shadows and into the light

  • Learning the most amazing skills to be a change maker and exceptional coach, helping others to experience the same transformation that you will

Meet your NLP Trainer, Suzanne James


I’m Suzanne and I’m an NLP trainer and Female Success Coach


I help women looking to remove their limitations and blocks and move from a life of ordinary to extraordinary. For them to believe in themselves and unleash their true potential. To use these powerful, transformational techniques to be the best versions of themselves.  

And step into a life as a Coach to make a positive difference to the lives of others and enable them to live their best life too. 

I absolutely love what I do.  


But it wasn’t always this way.


I understand how it feels to see other people living an exceptional life when mine felt like an uphill struggle.  


I had a high level, senior corporate role. I also had a young family and I wanted to do everything.



I tried to be superwoman - setting high standards for myself, being overly self-critical and balancing all the balls in the air not daring to release control. But something had to give.  


I was filled with self-doubt. Confident on the outside – I was like a swan; calm and sophisticated on the surface and paddling my feet furiously underneath!  


Health niggles surfaced and migraines started to interfere with my everyday life.  


And then I discovered NLP. And it CHANGED MY LIFE!

I learnt super powerful tools to get rid of fear, anxiety and self-doubt and instead had an abundance of confidence.  


I have not had a migraine in at least 5 years.  


NLP helped my own health and wellbeing, accelerated my career beyond anything I could have dreamed of, and most of all, it enables me to do what I love best – helping other people.  


Nothing transformed my life more than attending the practitioner course. It was truly amazing and life changing. And I can guarantee it will change your life too!


I continue to use NLP skills every day in my professional and personal life.   I have an overriding passion for seeing people development and NLP does just that.  There is nothing better than seeing the personal transformation in people and knowing that you’ve been a part of that.  People like you that are perhaps at a crossroads in your life; not knowing which direction to go in but know you want to change. That want a fresh start, clearing out the cobwebs so you can get what you want and be the best version of YOU!

Introducing the NLP Practitioner Programme

Whether you want to do this just for you - for your own personal development, improving your relationships or giving you the edge in business - or develop a new career as a coach (life coach, relationship coach, sports, education, executive or business coach), this is right for you, right now!  You will undertake the most fantastic, most intensive training for creating powerful change, FAST!


NEW 2021 DATES!!

NLP Practitioner Programme –

Module 1 - 20th, 21st, 22nd May 2021

Module 2 - 5th, 6th, 7th June 2021


6 days of live training + Online training 1 month prior to lives





NLP is an amazing set of tools and techniques and in this jam-packed, intense live training, you will learn the secrets to transforming your life, getting more of what you want to achieve, grow in confidence, advance your career, your business, and basically every area of your life - and learn skills to help other people too!


It is designed to give you a deep understanding of the key NLP principles and techniques, embed the knowledge gained from the home study programme and then give you plenty of opportunity to practice what you have learnt to become an excellent practitioner of NLP! 

There are 3 Certifications in 1 life changing week - so at the end of the 6 Day Training, in addition to an NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will also be certified in NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level. 

Time Line Therapy™ is a simple, easy and effective technique that creates powerful, significant and long-lasting change, allowing you to eliminate issues in your past to move forward toward your goals and desires.

You would therefore gain the skills you need to become a coach or include coaching as part of your business and see clients the day after your training finishes if you wish.

Why Attend this event:

  • Understand the presuppositions, foundations of NLP and how your mind works

  • Create a mindset of success and self-empowerment

  • Learn how to change how you think to get the results you want

  • Learn ways to excel in all areas of your life, gaining unbelievable self-confidence and self-belief

  • Learn techniques to quickly remove beliefs, internal conflict, phobias and any other barriers that stop you living the life you want

  • Let go of habits or your ways of doing things that have held you back and then learn techniques to replace them with much more useful ones

  • Learn techniques to motivate and feel great instantly

  • Be a powerful communicator – and ensuring your message is heard how you intended

  • Learn how to influence elegantly and with ease

  • Know the secrets to creating successful goals

  • Learn about strategies and how we do what we do, with the ability to change any in yourself or in others that are not useful

  • Be in control of who you are and how you want to be

  • Learn powerful coaching tools and techniques to use with yourself and to enact positive change in others

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Do you have Questions?

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What's Included:

➡️ Home Study Programme - Before attending the live training, we provide you with specially produced home study material, so that you can begin learning straight away at a pace to suit you  

➡️ Online Training Group – a community for you fantastic delegates to get to know each other before we start. This will include online trainings and accountability calls and will commence 1 month prior to the LIVE training.

➡️ 6 days of Live Training - designed to put what you have learned from the home study programme into practice. 

➡️ Fabulous venue for the training to make you feel super special – includes lunch and refreshments everyday, and a manual too.  

➡️ You will become certified as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming - This certification is approved by the AMERICAN BOARD OF NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, which is the world’s largest and longest established accreditation body.  

➡️ 3 Certifications - At the end of the 6 Day Training, in addition to your NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will also be certified in NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level.  


Why work with me:

I am with you every step of the way.  I’ll be there to provide support to you throughout your whole journey – before, during and after your training.  Forget about being in a room of 35+ people where you’re one of many – I only train small, intimate groups of fab females so I get to know you personally, ensure you are practising the techniques effectively and that it remains a focussed and a special experience for all.


Here’s what some of the last delegates said about the course:

“I am still on a high from the course in March - best course I've ever been on”

“This training programme is truly transformational. An excellent experience from start to finish. Suzanne is an excellent trainer and coach and has left me feeling completely empowered! The training is intense, an emotional journey but fun. I would highly recommend this program if you are looking for self growth or if you are looking to become a practitioner. This training will not disappoint and is the best one on the market! The sky really is the limit!"


"Before coming on the course I thought it might be way out of my learning capability…how wrong was I?!  Intense but thoroughly enjoyable that pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I’ve learnt lots about myself not just NLP”


“Really enjoyable and invaluable experience.  Felt the smaller number of participants really enhanced the experience as felt very personal and unique to us”


“Absolutely superb.  Completely exceeded my expectations”


“A fantastic experience with a wonderful coach.  I feel like a different person with a new skill set to live a happier life – thank you”


“It’s the best training experience I have had and I will carry this forward into the future.  Suzanne is amazing and the training is superb!”


“Absolutely fabulous!”

"I have just completed the NLP practitioner course with Dare 2 Succeed. I have nothing but praise for Suzanne. She is an amazing trainer and makes you feel at ease straight away. I have had the most positive experience and I know this will have a massive impact on both my personal life and in my business. Thank you so much"

"I have just completed the NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapy training and it has been amazing. Suzanne is a fantastic and inspiring coach and I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in personal development or thinking of becoming an NLP coach. The training is quite a commitment, especially around a full time job, but so worth it - I have changed so much over the last few weeks and am looking forward to the future with excitement."

I like to limit the delegate numbers to ensure it remains a special, focussed and personal experience for all so places are limited.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and experience the most powerful techniques to transform you and your life right now?


Your investment fee is


Sign up by 31st March and get £300 discount!

(Payment Plans are available with an additional fee)

The Venue


The live training will take place at the wonderful



A fabulous lunch and all refreshments are included.



Who is this course for?


If you are a fabulous, ambitious female, totally committed to your own personal development and ready to learn new and powerful skills to use immediately to improve the results you get in life, then this is for you.


It will be particularly relevant if you’re looking to start a career as a coach or if you’re a business owner, leader, manager, HR professional, trainer or consultant, wanting to get awesome skills to interact successfully with others or getting the best out of people.


Are you ready to live the life you want to lead?

Secure your place with a £300 deposit.


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At Dare 2 Succeed I like to ensure that you get the best NLP Training and personal support for you.

Once you have registered, I will give you a call so that we can have a chat about exactly what you want from the training, including your short and long-term goals.  This ensures that you’ll get the most value as possible.  Remember, I’ll be there to provide support to you throughout your whole journey - before, during and after your training.

With all my best wishes
Suzanne x