5 days live training split in 2 modules
+ 2 Day Online Training 10/11 September 2021
(Online Academy Home Study - Access Released August 2021)

23-25 SEPT 2021

(3 days live + online training 10th/11th Sept 2021)


26-30 OCT 2021

(5 days live )

Venue: Solihull

Are you ready for that next level? Are you ready to be a master of NLP...

Take your NLP skills to a whole new level.  Building on the foundations you’ve already developed from the NLP Practitioner programme, you will learn advanced methods of NLP and fine-tune your skills and knowledge to become a MASTER of NLP and coaching.  It’s an intensive programme and requires your dedication, focus and commitment.


In addition, as part of this training, you will receive a bespoke, comprehensive coaching manual of ALL practitioner and master practitioner techniques with associated tips and guides.  This has been developed by me to include all of the NLP techniques in one easy to follow book - no more searching for that technique in your manuals in the middle of a coaching session!  

This will normally retail at £249 and you will receive a hard copy version FREE as part of your training.

You will also be sent a test to complete which you can complete some before attending the live training and the rest during the live training modules. 

At the end of module one, we will do a board break exercise where you will physically smash through a piece of wood and smash through any limitations.  This is the ultimate finale for the first week - an empowering, powerful session and you will be amazed at your achievement! 

Throughout the course, we’ll be keeping the energy alive with energy-boosting sessions and light yoga/mindfulness.

After finishing Module One and before returning to complete Module Two, you will complete a modelling assignment. This will involve identifying someone who has excellence in a skill or behaviour and installing it in yourself. You will then train a small group of other delegates, from the training, in what you have modelled when you return on module 2. Modelling is the basis on which NLP is built and is a fantastic skill to learn.


During the second module of the live training, you will spend two full days conducting Personal Breakthrough sessions where you will go through the full Coach to Client process putting everything you have learnt into practice. You will also experience what it is like to be a client.  This is one of the most incredible learning experiences that you will ever encounter as you see everything fit together.  


During both modules of the course and for the modelling project you will be assessed for Certification against the relevant ABNLP and TLTA standards.

What will you learn on the course?

  • Review of NLP Practitioner themes and foundations

  • Quantum Linguistics – using skilful language and thinking for maximum results

  • NLP and Cartesian logic – looking at questions and answers from every angle

  • 16 Sleight of Mouth Language Patterns

  • Personal Values and Metaprograms – the basis and foundation of personality

  • Advanced Sub-modalities to create change

  • Advanced Strategies – elicitation and installation

  • Modelling- How to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself

  • NLP and Quantum Physics- Simple introduction to quantum physics and personal change

  • Designer Swish Pattern

  • Allergy Clearing Model

  • Logical Levels of Therapy

  • NLP Presentation Skills and Training Design (using the 4Mat Training System)

  • Personal Breakthrough Coaching- How to deliver personal breakthrough sessions; Experience giving and receiving a full breakthrough session during the training

  • Board Break

  • Utilisation of the Clare Graves Values Levels in Coaching

  • Master Coaching techniques

  • Powerful Coaching Tools.

  • Review of Practitioner Time Line Therapy® and enhanced techniques


Our NLP Master Practitioner Programme is certified by the AMERICAN BOARD OF NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (ABNLP)  which is the world’s largest and longest established accreditation body.  

What's included in the training:

  • 3 Certifications - At the end of the Training, in addition to your NLP Master Practitioner Certificate, you will also receive an NLP Master Coach Certificate and be certified in Time Line Therapy® at the master practitioner level. 

  • Board Break

  • Personal Breakthrough

  • Comprehensive book with ALL the practitioner and master practitioner techniques included

  • Energy boosting sessions including light yoga and mindfulness

  • Lunch and refreshments each day

Prices and Payment Options


Investment is £3397

Early Bird SPECIAL DISCOUNT *** £400 OFF***

Book by 1st June 2021 -  £2997.

Extended Payment plans are available so please contact us for details at 

We do have a combined package " Ultimate NLP Mastery Programme”, which is available if you sign up to the Practitioner and Master Practitioner programme together at a fabulous special offer price of £4850!(saving £844)* 
*Saving against buying both courses individually at the full advertised price
Note: you are required to have completed training at the NLP Practitioner level prior to undertaking the NLP Master Practitioner programme.
If you have achieved this level through another training provider, contact us for a chat to discuss all the requirements of the programme.