Being The BEST You Programme

The success mindset

  • Communication - what happens in our mind

  • Attitudes that count

  • Key Principles for Success

  • Creating a compelling vision and winning goals that light you up

  • Introduction of the 'board break'

Verbal and non-verbal communication to get maximum results

  • The secret to communicating with anyone

  • Building relationships and influencing people

  • Communicating in everyone's language

  • Using language for maximum impact

Changing Behaviours - Techniques to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of success

  • Being in the right state - managing your emotions

  • Changing your responses to situations - know how to REALLY use your brain

  • Seeing other perspectives

  • How to turn negatives into positives

Beliefs and Values - why people do what they do

  • Gaining a sense of direction - your WHY

  • Beliefs - empowering or disempowering - what would you prefer?!

  • Values - the key to motivating and influencing (both personal and corporate)

  • Understanding and influencing behaviour - deep filters

  • Strategies - uncovering your secret programmes

Core Coaching skills

  • How to coach

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coaching Models - i.e. grow, score, cartesian logic

The Finale -Break the board & SMASH through your limitations!
Comprehensive programme of 6 modules
Up to 12 people
Board Break
Board Break
Board Break

These are a couple of the videos of the board break exercise from my last ‘Being the Best You’ Programme.  These guys absolutely smashed through any limitations that they’ve had holding them back - absolutely nailed it!  They were amazing!