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Become an ACCREDITED NLP Practitioner 

If you want exceptional results, you have to do something exceptional…

Get the proven qualification and framework to STAND OUT from the crowd and create unstoppable results for you and your clients. 


You’re about to discover the most powerful, transformational tools to create long-lasting change and amazing personal development – accelerating your success beyond anything you could have dreamed of.

Ready for a head start towards changing your mind and changing your life?

Let’s start your NLP journey with me to accelerate your success. We’ll remove those limitations that have been hanging around your neck for so long. You’ll be amazed by the transformation you’ll experience.  

Are You Ready For?

  • Powerful techniques to stop you repeating the negative behaviours, patterns and emotions you’ve run in the past and start getting exactly what you want.

  • Super boosting confidence and self-belief to be who you really are and ask for what you want in life.

  • Develop a super successful mindset – learn to make your dreams into goals you can really achieve.

  • Releasing the past, letting go of limiting beliefs (such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy”, “I’ll never earn that sort of money”, etc) and enjoy looking forward to the future instead.

  • Access to the most powerful, practical, life-long tools that you can use everyday to being the best YOU in your home, family, work, relationships and basically every area of your life!

  • Understand how your mind really works, so you can make changes that empower you to achieve what you want.

  • Create deeper and meaningful relationships with people – whether that be your family, your clients, people you work with, those you love…

  • Learning the most amazing skills to be a change maker and exceptional coach, helping others to experience the same transformation that you will.

Learn the power of using Neuro Linguistic Programming and why the coaches and leaders who get the best possible results with their clients are using it.

If you’d like to learn the secret to removing those obstacles that have got in the way of you getting what you want as well as tools to STAND OUT from the crowd as a Coach, learning a lifelong skill that will set you apart, creating long-lasting change for you and your clients, then THIS IS FOR YOU!!

BUT…It’s not for everyone.

Meet your NLP Trainer, Joanne Carter Fulton

Having qualified as a Master NLP Coach and Practitioner and Master Time Line Therapist, I have found I have used these techniques with my own clients, teams and teens with huge success. 


I have been in education for 30 years and have worked with all age ranges and more recently with parents, helping them navigate the parenting journey.


The huge difference NLP has made to my life is staggering.

  • I found clarity in my own goals and passions

  • I gained confidence in my own ability

  • I found myself again after years of being a mum

  • I have learnt how to communicate effectively, found my inner motivation and gained

  • confidence to build my own businesses.

  • I learnt so much about myself and any blocks I have had in life. I have cleared them

  • and continue to use all the strategies I have been taught on a daily basis.


Introducing the NLP Practitioner Programme

Learn the power of using Neuro Linguistic Programming and why the coaches and leaders who get the best possible results with their clients are using it.

If you’d like to learn the secret to removing those obstacles that have got in the way of you getting what you want as well as tools to STAND OUT from the crowd as a Coach, learning a lifelong skill that will set you apart, creating long-lasting change for you and your clients, then THIS IS FOR YOU!!

BUT…It’s not for everyone.

The Accredited NLP Practitioner Course, is an INTENSIVE life transforming course and is only for you if:

  • You’re DONE being held back by your lack of self-belief and self-doubt!

  • You’re frustrated because you want to be more confident.

  • You’ve had ENOUGH of those habits or your way of doing things holding you back – You want success NOW!

  • You are STUCK in a cycle of knowing what you need to do but not knowing where to start

  • You’re READY for a change in career and a change in your life – NOW!

  • You’re looking for Internationally recognised qualifications.

Certified NLP Practitioner Programme


NLP Practitioner Programme – 17th June 

September Date TBC



This is an intensive, life-changing, transformational course for aspiring coaches and those seeking positive change in their life.

Certified by the ABNLP, the largest NLP governing body in the world, this qualification will teach you everything you need to know to create rapid change - both for yourself personally and to use with others to get phenomenal results.

Training is supported by comprehensive manuals and online home study programme

(including pre-recorded videos and demos of the NLP and Coaching Techniques).


It is designed to give you the best experience of learning NLP & Coaching combining both theory and practical, to give you a deep understanding of the key NLP principles and techniques, embed the knowledge gained from the home study programme and online learning and then give you plenty of opportunity to practice what you have learnt.

You will receive thorough instruction, directly from me including demonstration of skills and techniques, lots of discussion so that you completely understand the materials, and plenty of hands on practical assessment and support throughout to become an excellent practitioner of NLP!

You will not only learn the techniques but also HOW to use them.

There are 3 Certifications in 1 life-changing programme - so at the end of the Training, in addition to an Accredited NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will also receive a certificate in NLP Coaching and be certified in Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level.

Time Line Therapy™ is a simple, easy and effective technique that creates powerful, significant and long-lasting change, allowing you to eliminate issues in your past to move forward toward your goals and desires.

​ You therefore gain the skills you need to become a coach or include coaching as part of your business and see clients the day after your training finishes if you wish.

What You Will Learn

(Fully Covering the ABNLP Certification Standards & Criteria)

  • Understand the presuppositions, foundations of NLP and how your mind works

  • Create a mindset of success and self-empowerment

  • Learn how to change how you think to get the results you want

  • Learn ways to excel in all areas of your life, gaining unbelievable self-confidence and self-belief

  • Learn techniques to quickly remove beliefs, internal conflict, phobias and any other barriers that stop you living the life you want

  • Resolve any internal conflicts, so you have more aligned energy to do what you want to do

  • Let go of habits or your ways of doing things that have held you back and then learn techniques to replace them with much more useful ones

  • Learn techniques to motivate and feel great instantly

  • Be a powerful communicator – and ensuring your message is heard how you intended

  • Learn how to influence elegantly and with ease

  • Know the secrets to creating successful goals

  • Learn about strategies and how we do what we do, with the ability to change any in yourself or in others that are not useful

  • Be in control of who you are and how you want to be

  • Create metaphors – the power of story-telling at the NEXT level

  • Learn powerful coaching tools and techniques to use with yourself and to enact positive change in others

What's Included

  • Self Study Programme – accompanying the trainings is a specially produced, comprehensive, self study programme that you can access immediately upon joining and complete at a pace to suit you. You have LIFETIME access to the self-study.

  • Full Training of the NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach and Time Line Therapy® programme as accredited by the standards of the ABNLP.

  • Online Training Group – a community for you fantastic delegates to get to know each other and ask any questions along the way.

  • It’s also where I hold the ONLINE TRAINING and ONLINE PRACTICAL sessions if you decide to join the online NLP Practitioner training.

  • You will receive all manuals, scripts and techniques to accompany the training (For the online training this is available as soft copies and for the live training you will receive all manuals in a smart hard copy folder )

  • You will become certified as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming – This certification is approved by the AMERICAN BOARD OF NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, which is the world’s largest and longest established accreditation body.  

  • 3 Certifications – At the end of the Online Training, in addition to your NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will also be certified in NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level. 

Do you have Questions?

Book a call with me here

Lifetime Access to Home Study - over 35 hours of recordings and learning materials.

  • 14 weekly interactive live training sessions (held on zoom) as well as additional practical sessions.

  • Private Facebook Group - access to all the training recordings

  • Soft Copy Manuals, Scripts, Worksheets and Guides.

  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive 3 Certificates Accredited through ABNLP and TLTA.NLP Practitioner Certificate, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level

  • Fully Internationally Accredited - ABNLP and TLTA


How It Runs

Self Study Programme  you will be given access to a comprehensive self study digital curriculum so you can dive in straight away and start your learning!

Following the full curriculum and certification outline, the self study element include

s pre-recorded videos, audios and demos of the NLP & Coaching Techniques.


You have LIFETIME ACCESS and can complete this at a pace to suit you. This resource will act as a key reference for you during and after the course.

I’ll be leading a live online orientation and onboarding session before we start the training where we’ll get together and get to know each other and you can ask me any questions.

All training follows the full ABNLP Certification Standards.

Online Training – 14 Weekly Live Training will take place with Joanne Carter Fulton and supported by Qualified Practitioners and Master Practitioners as Coaching Assistants. These fully interactive sessions will take place on zoom and include live training, demos and separate practice sessions. The full course schedule with dates and times will be sent to you upon joining.

All training will be held in a private Facebook group (all sessions are recorded for you to refer back to). You will also be issued with training manuals, worksheets, and guides.

The course is split into 3 core certification modules

Core 1: NLP Practitioner – Following the ABNLP Core NLP Practitioner Certification Standards

Core 2: Becoming a Masterful Coach – Core Coaching Competencies and Foundations and certification as an NLP Coach

Core 3 : Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level- Certified by the TLTA

Completion of the NLP Practitioner Certification Test is required – this is an open book assessment to meet the certification standards

Why work with me:

I am with you every step of the way.  I’ll be there to provide support to you throughout your whole journey – before, during and after your training.  Forget about being in a room of 35+ people where you’re one of many – I only train small, intimate groups of fab females so I get to know you personally, ensure you are practising the techniques effectively and that it remains a focussed and a special experience for all.

I like to limit the delegate numbers to ensure it remains a special, focussed and personal experience for all so places are limited.

Who is this course for?


If you are a fabulous, ambitious female, totally committed to your own personal development and ready to learn new and powerful skills to use immediately to improve the results you get in life, then this is for you.


It will be particularly relevant if you’re looking to start a career as a coach or if you’re a business owner, leader, manager, HR professional, trainer or consultant, wanting to get awesome skills to interact successfully with others or getting the best out of people.


Are you ready to live the life you want to lead?
NLP Questions

Still have questions? Book a quick call with me here… or email me at

For more information and to register click below or drop me an email to  I’ll then be in touch


At Dare 2 Succeed I like to ensure that you get the best NLP Training and personal support for you.

Once you have registered, I will give you a call so that we can have a chat about exactly what you want from the training, including your short and long-term goals.  This ensures that you’ll get the most value as possible.  Remember, I’ll be there to provide support to you throughout your whole journey - before, during and after your training.

With all my best wishes

Results shared are for illustrative purposes only. All results shared are from real people that I have worked with, with their real outcomes. However, I CANNOT and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get any results with our training, programmes, ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here or enrolment on programmes you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

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