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Fast Track NLP Skills Diploma 5-day Online Training Course

July 2024

NLP is about you being the best version of you as well as gaining powerful techniques to enable others to transform their lives too. If you can change your mind, you can change your life!

Just £97

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⭐️Are you curious to learn about NLP and how it can benefit you in your personal and professional life?

⭐️Maybe you’re an aspiring coach and would like a taster before committing to one of our NLP Practitioner Certification Courses?
⭐️Or perhaps you’re already a coach looking to add practical action-based NLP skills to your belt to enable your clients to get better results, quickly?

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful tool that can show you how your brain can be reprogrammed and disrupt negative patterns and behaviours!

It is so, so powerful in business – some of the biggest leaders in business will have learnt NLP. 

It can transform you and your career too!

Start your journey to make the biggest change you can make to your life right now!

How would your life change if you knew how to…

Boost your confidence and that of others

Create compelling goals

Know the secret to building trust and communicating with just about anyone

Change unwanted habits

Use language effectively in business (especially in sales!)

Learn simple techniques to gain control of your emotions – no matter what life throws your way

Transform your thoughts about what is possible

Easy ways to feel empowered, confident, worthy and deserving of all life has to offer

Use NLP in your everyday life

FAST TRACK Online NLP Skills Diploma course

A 5 Day online training course giving you an introduction to the powerful subject of NLP. It’s for men and women who are curious about how NLP can assist them in their everyday lives, as well as for those aspiring coaches wanting to use these powerful skills to transform the lives of others too.

If you’re a coach already NLP is a practical toolkit that you can use to create real impact for your clients enabling them to get faster, better results.

Each day there will be a video and task for you to do and at the end of the training you’ll get a certificate –

an NLP Skills Diploma! 

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Includes course workbook and certificate

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"I did an NLP Foundation Course. It was fantastic. I really liked her teaching style and the value was unbelievable for the money. The information provided was high quality and the tasks were great at backing up the learning. 

I find it frustrating when courses spend most of the time not really saying much. This course was NOT like that. It offered way more value than I expected."


Anna Wood

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"I completed the 5day NlP Diploma Certificate and thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Suzanne is so calm and easy to understand when she is explaining things. I’ve learnt so much about myself and NLP and Dare2Succeed made it fun to learn. 
I also took part in a Timeline Therapy session demonstration which was insightful. It did actually work! I haven’t felt angry about a certain thing since! Amazing! Thank you . I can’t wait to do the Practitioner training with you so I can open up my opportunities for an enhanced career."


Sharon Templeman

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"Dare2Succeed is brilliant and has a plethora of information to share. They blends proven psychological concepts with practical knowledge to provide the best service to their clients. I can't recommend her enough!


If you're on the fence about working with Dare2Succeed, take the plunge, you will get results!"


Elizabeth Woolard

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On our NLP Diploma course you will learn and walk away with some new skills, knowledge and understanding that will help you in your every day life AND you will come to grips with the basics of NLP. It’s the foot in the door to our full NLP Training - If you want to learn the whole suite of NLP Practitioner skills you can book onto our Accredited NLP Practitioner course

“I have finished feeling super excited and much more confident in myself. I have also picked up some useful tools and techniques to help to turn my dream of becoming a life coach and energy healer into reality.”

“Prior to the NLP course I had zero knowledge of NLP but was really intrigued to find out more about it. I’d been feeling a bit stuck in a rut and unfulfilled and was frustrated that I couldn’t seem to set myself goals for the future. The course was so interesting, good fun and extremely energising. I came away with so many useful tips and felt so much more positive about the future. I am already putting some of these techniques into practice to help me achieve my dreams!”


 ©Dare 2 Succeed

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