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Don't just take our word for it. Here are just some of the testimonials from people who have attended our Training Programmes and Coaching courses.

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Hayley James

Introduction to NLP - had the best day! Met some lovely people and learnt some great techniques. I'm so excited for the future!

Kellie Chetwynd

Had a great day training with Suzanne! Learnt lots of great NLP tool for work and home x

Jane Robinson

Suzanne's one day introduction to NLP was fantastic - came away full of positive thoughts that I am determined to turn into positive actions!!

Claire Reaney

I recently attended the One Day NLP Skills Workshop ran by Suzanne. I had zero knowledge of NLP but was really intrigued to find out more about it. I’d been feeling a bit stuck in a rut and unfulfilled and was frustrated that I couldn’t seem to set myself goals for the future. The course was so interesting, good fun and extremely energising. I came away with so many useful tips and felt so much more positive about the future. I am already putting some of these techniques into practice to help me achieve my dreams! I was also lucky enough to have Suzanne do the timeline therapy on me and wow, what an experience - I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, immediately! Suzanne is a brilliant coach and I would really encourage anyone who’s curios about NLP and in the same boat as I was to do this taster session to NLP.

Katie Baines

I have just returned from a one day introductory NLP course literally buzzing and feeling like I can do anything! Having aimed to just go on the course to help improve my communication skills, I have instead walked away with far more than I ever expected, armed with new skills from an NLP toolbox as well as more confidence, positivity and energy ready to tackle my next goal in both personal and business life! If this is what impact an introductory course can have on an individual then I cannot wait to see how the NLP Practitioner course will develop me! Suzanne James was an amazing host, so knowledgeable and inspiring. The day was delivered to perfection with great venue, great food and great content! I cannot wait to continue my NLP journey with Suzanne as this really was just the tip of the iceberg! Thank you!

Anton Beech-Webb

I attended the event on 27/01/2018 what an awesome day, Suzanne and Dare 2 Succeed, far exceeded my expectations on this NLP course, great training, great people and superb food what else do you need, highly recommended

Kathy Knowles

I attended an Introduction to NLP course with Suzanne in November 2017. Up until now I have never been on a course that in 1 day can have such a positive impact on me and my life.  Suzanne is a fantastic trainer and makes you feel very at ease. If you are on this page wondering whether to go on a course just book it - you won’t regret it!

Ana Sutherland Perry

I attended Suzanne’s NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner Training. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute, Suzanne is so knowledgeable, I would recommend her courses without hesitation.

Thanks a million

Ana x

Yvonne Donaldson

After having a private session with Suzanne at the start of her  training she gave me the inspiration and the confidence to follow my heart and chase the career I had only ever dreamed of from the age of 4!!  At the time I was only working part time on minimum wage, now at the age of 40+ I have been flying as cabin crew for 3 years for the U.K's favourite airline and loving every minute.  Had it not been for Suzanne, I'm sure i'd still be in a dead end job and doubting myself.  If unsure of whether to book onto a course...Just do it!

Irene Lattimore

I recently worked with Suzanne when I felt like I was stuck in a rut with my career and my need to change role every few years was blocking my progression. Suzanne helped me work through some of the root causes for this behaviour and also why I had a habit of self sabotaging in interviews.   I now have two great offers, one for a board level FD position and the other for a consultancy position both roles are a great fit and I am confident that I will stay with the company that I pick.   Thanks Suzanne!

Kate Ashton

What a journey, i have changed so much and it is all positive. Suzanne has helped me to find my self confidence, esteem, belief in myself and in what others tell me.  My career has flourished and I am seeing results for my efforts.  I can't recommend this enough, no magic solution, just the strength inside you in a safe space to explore what you ate capable of.

Kam Bola

This training programme is truly transformational. An excellent experience from  start to finish. Suzanne is an excellent trainer and coach and has left me feeling completely empowered! The training is intense, an emotional journey but fun. I would highly recommend this program if you are looking for self growth or if you are looking to become a practitioner. This training will not disappoint and is the best one on the market! The sky really is the limit!

Kellie Vvind

I have just completed the NLP practitioner course with Dare 2 Succeed. I have nothing but praise for Suzanne. She is an amazing trainer and makes you feel at ease straight away. I have had the most positive experience and I know this will have a massive impact on both my personal life and in my business. Thank you so much

Anne kinchen

Hi I recently attended the 1 day NLP course  with Suzanne I found it so inspirational I decided to sign up for the nlp practitioner course which I have now completed and immediately decided to sign up for the Master Practitioner course which I will attend in June.  Taking part in these courses have changed my life, and changed my future direction. Before attending I felt stuck in a rut not sure of what I wanted to do next, now I’m happy, healthier, full of energy, have great mindfulness and motivation “can’t” isn’t an option anymore bust most importantly I know exactly what I want to do next and Suzanne is an amazing tutor, she’s so patient and is always there for her students and she truly cares I’d recommend to anyone sign up to NLP with Suzanne it will change your life.

Jim Walker

At a time of huge personal pressure as my business expanded out of all recognition Suzanne’s advice and coaching helped lift the fog of self doubt that had started to shroud my decision making ability. This immediately brought back a clarity of thought which allowed me to regain my ability to take decisive actions that had been lost with the strain of this situation.  <br>

Her ability to listen and unscramble the conflicting thoughts and emotions that run through your head as you try to operate under pressure is a rare gift.


Her professional help was invaluable to the business and me personally.

Helen Fox

I have just completed the NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapy training and it has been amazing.  Suzanne is a fantastic and inspiring coach and I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in personal development or thinking of becoming an NLP coach. The training is quite a commitment, especially around a full time job, but so worth it - I have changed so much over the last few weeks and am looking forward to the future with excitement.

David Miller

I have recently attended Suzanne's NLP Practitioners course. The energy, drive and enthusiasm of the delivery of the content for me was unparalleled. Suzanne is so passionate about the topic and truly believes in NLP and the change that it makes. That transpires across to the group and you leave this course energised, focused, motivated and driven to the best you.

This is by far the best course I have been on and Suzanne is by far the best presenter. I have been in training for years so that is saying something!!!!

Helen Field

I am so pleased I attended the 1 day NLP taster course.

Suzanne is a very engaging and inspirational coach.


I have left feeling super excited and much more  confident in myself. I have also picked up  some useful tools and techniques to help to turn my dream of becoming  life coach and energy healer into reality.


I can't wait to start the NLP practitioner course in October.

Victoria Leanne Scott

NLP is 100% a MUST for every single person.<br>I cannot thank Suzanne enough for the massive changes she’s made to my life.

A genuinely lovely lady with a ton of passion and wealth of knowledge - a complete inspiration!

I’ve recently completed the NLP practitioner coaching and Time line therapy course and I’m so excited for what the future holds. I literally cannot wait to start coaching myself.

Suzanne is a fantastic coach / trainer and always takes the time to go over every module / process and topic in full and break down every aspect of NLP and how to use it / coach it in every day life.

I highly recommend all of the courses and events and I guarantee you’ll come out feeling like a changed person. ❤️🙏

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