NLP Practitioner Programme
what is covered on the course?

The history of NLP and key beliefs and the foundations that NLP is built on

  • What is NLP and where does it originate

  • Empowering beliefs to change your life

  • The NLP communication model

  • The themes of NLP and how to use it

Goals:  the secret to goal achievement

  • Learn how to set achievable goals for yourself and others 

  • Learn the questions to ask to that enable someone else to gain total clarity about their objectives. 

  • Discover the key principles of well formed goals


Rapport – the keys to persuasion, agreement and influence

  • Rapidly switch onto someone's wavelength. 

  • Learn the real secrets to body language. 

  • Learn what sensory acuity is.

  • Match and mirror physiology so that people unconsciously identify with you. 

  • Use your voice to build rapport quickly even on the telephone. 

  • How to disagree with others whilst still maintaining trust, rapport and co-operation. 

Representational Systems - how we use all our senses to represent our world

  • Discover how we use our senses to internally code our experience of the world. 

  • Create rapport and deep understanding by matching Representational Systems, using the language to transform how you communicate with others.

  • Learn how to tell how another person is REALLY thinking just by watching their eye movements. 


Submodalities - taking control of your brain to make it work for you!

  • Learn how to use your brain's internal coding system (software of the mind). 

  • Use submodalities to quickly change unwanted beliefs, habits, feelings and behaviours, including wanting certain foods and learn new ways of thinking and behaving.

  • Break unwanted habits, change behaviours and create the future you want using the SWISH pattern. 

  • Discover the formula to removing phobias for good


Language Patterns - use language with focus to get desired results

  • Learn how to discover what people are REALLY saying

  • Learn how to get your message across successfully to everyone

  • Discover the linguistic secrets of the hypnotherapy master, Milton Erickson. 

  • Ask questions that get you the results you need quickly and accurately. 

  • Find out what specific questions you can ask that will reveal precise information and simply get to the root of the problem

  • Challenge and overcome people’s objections with style. 

  • Learn different language models to increase choice in conversation. 

  • Discover a negotiation technique to gain agreement fast. 

Anchoring – Always able to feel and behave how you want in an instant 

  • Learn how to create powerful resource anchors to strengthen your personal resources and be able to access them whenever you want. 

  • Be confident whenever you want

  • Take control of your own thinking – be in charge of your own emotions rather than being controlled by them

  • Discover the techniques to remove the bad feelings associated with past or present experiences. 

  • Get people out of "stuck" states like procrastination to a resourceful state, like motivated in minutes.


Strategies - the unconscious processes of how we do what we do 

  • Discover how others make decisions and utilise them to make better decisions.

  • Learn how a person decides to buy so you can use the best sales approach. 

  • Discover the models for love and relationships, learning, spelling and motivation strategies

Parts - the key to gaining a congruent inner self

  • Learn the secret to cutting out indecision and resolving inner conflict. 


Coaching Skills –Putting it all together

  • Find out what coaching is and its uses.

  •  Learn how to use NLP as a coach

  • Learn some hints and tips of coaching

  • Learn how to structure coaching sessions


Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Certification

  • Learn how the Time Line works and how people relate to time.

  • How to elicit your own and someone else’s Time Line.

  • Learn the techniques to take total control of your own life and assist others to do the same

  • Learn how to remove negative emotions that may have built up form past negative experiences like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and anxiety quickly and easily.

  • Remove limiting beliefs and decisions that have held you back from the life you want, like ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t earn that sort of money’. 

  • Learn the techniques to put goals in your future so you can achieve your dreams and live the life you want to

  • Learn the Creating Your Future ® techniques.

How much does it cost?

Normal Price : £1997

What's Included in the price?

  • Pre and post course support

  • Home Study Programme

  • 7 days of live training - including lunch, refreshments and manual

  • 3 Certifications at the end of the live training - NLP Practitioner Certificate, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Certificate

Next course date - January 2021

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