Everyday can be a Spring Day ...Simple tips to change your mood

Is Spring finally here I hear you say? Did you wake up this morning and feel instantly better when you saw that gorgeous blue sky and the sun shining?

It can be so easy to have our mood controlled by the weather and have our whole day dictated by how we happen to wake up and feel in the morning.

So I've written some simple tips to make everyday a spring day for you, no matter what the weather !

1. The fastest way to change your mood is to change your posture. Generally, when we're feeling low, our shoulders will be hunched, we'll be slouched and slumped over with our head dropped. By changing our posture to either sitting or standing tall and upright, shoulders back, chest out, take in a deep breath and SMILE! Notice the difference this makes straight away.

2. Breathing is really important (obviously!). We all probably know that if we want to relax, taking slow, deep, long breaths can help us. If we want to pick up our mood, then taking fast, deep, shorter breaths can quickly energise us.

3. If we are tense then this can quickly build up in our face, especially in our jaw, in our brows, forehead and eyes. Spend a couple of minutes each day doing the following exercise - screw your whole face up really tightly, hold it for 5 seconds and then relax. Do this at least 5 times and feel how your whole face loosens up. How does that feel afterwards?

4. Change the words you use - the words we use to describe how we are feeling or to describe our day are really important. If you start your day with negative thoughts and keep on talking in negative language, we can become trapped in a negative cycle. You may say "Oh no, it's another miserable, grey, rainy day out there, which means the traffic will be awful, and I'll end up being late..." and then it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you catch yourself being negative, snap out of it straight away by literally saying STOP to yourself. Then think of something positive and let those negative thoughts just pass you by. I always start my day with a positive affirmation that I say to myself:

"Thank you for this magnificent day"

It sets my intention of how I want my day to be. Try this for yourself. Swap the negative talking to positive talking and notice the difference in how your day pans out.

5. Smile at everyone you pass - whether that's in the street, in the gym, in the office, on the escalator, wherever you are, look at them and SMILE. They will smile back and you will be amazed by the feelings that creates in you.

6. Create your positive music playlist. These are songs that light you up, make you feel inspired and happy. At the moment my favourite album and playlist is The Greatest Showman. Playing this instantly lifts me up and I feel so motivated and happy. It's even better blasting it out in the car and singing along at the top of my voice!

Do these simple tips for a couple of weeks and see the difference it makes. I'd love to hear how you get on.

Suzanne x

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